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About the Founder

In 1992, David Tinjust, Ph.D. (a former elite-level soccer player from Europe) observed that all performance development models were based solely on physical and technical parameters. Intuitively, he sensed that the future of sports performance resided in vision and brain capacity enhancement.

With his passion for science, he decided to turn his back on a potential career in pro sports. He perfected and patented a revolutionary technology for athletic cognitive enhancement. During this journey, his clinical and research expertise led him also to develop a novel and disruptive concussion neurorehabilitation solution.

He now leads the company in new technology developments that combine telemedicine, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and biosensing. In the last 11 years, Dr. David Tinjust (Ph.D) has succesfully registered 17 different patents related to Apexk products.

Dr. Tinjust's (Ph.D) areas of focus:
Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence